A better way to leverage the web.

Your own server,
without the headaches

Our number one goal is to provide a safe computing environment to people who don't care about having a safe computing environment.

Sound impossible? It's pretty close. We think the magic sauce lies in removing any and every hurdle while providing developers tools that make building for this platform attractive.

But why run your own server?

Trust. The current state of the web requires you to trust the companies providing a service, with your data, with your money, with your memories.

We want to change all that by providing you the tools to run your own applications while providing developers tools to build value in a way that you can trust.

the only way to make running a server accessible to the masses.

We aim to provide a self-managing server.

What do we mean by that? We want it to update itself, we want it to manage provider-required reboots, we want it to deploy itself to new providers. If we can write tools that effectively manage 1000's of servers across a global network, why can't we provide tools to reliably run one server?

Our goal is for a person to never have to care about their fulcrum instance, to truly be the server they can forget they own, all while enabling people to do magical things with technology.